Status: Available Now for Adoption (Currently in Foster)

Age: Senior (13 years approx).
Breed: Chihuahua
Sex: Female
Weight:  5 lbs
Kids: Would do best in a home without small children
Cats: Not Tested
Dogs: Dog Friendly, would do best with submissive, calm dogs
Fenced Yard: Not required

Location: Colonia, NJ
Special Needs: No
Housetrained: Yes
Personality:  Spunky, Sassy, Sweet
Dog Rating:  14/10 super spunky senior!

About Lucky:

This female, 13-15 year young, Chihuahua named Lucky, came in to foster like she owned the joint.  She found herself at a shelter in Philadelphia, neglected and with two masses that needed to be removed.  She got the medical care she needed, the masses were benign, and this spunky little girl is looking for a forever home where she can be spoiled!


Here are the key things to know from her foster:

• Extremely mobile, manages stairs with ease.

• Lucky has a typical Chihuahua attitude. Gets protective of her person at times, but usually only on the foster parent’s bed. Lucky comes to visit the bed but prefers to sleep in her own bed in parent’s bedroom.

• She has been in an environment where there are up to 8 other dogs from 90lbs to 15 lbs around her. She cops an attitude here and there, but not often enough to be of any concern.

• She lives in a house that has one other senior foster, dogs that are boarded for short stays and 4 resident dogs.

• She takes a short time to warm up to new dogs coming in and new people visiting.

• Barks very little usually just upon new dog or new person arriving. Not tested with children or cats.

• Not overly affectionate and not a lap dog. Gives kisses sometimes but not often.

• She only asks to be near you where she can see you.

• Completely housebroken, but she will sometimes not want to go out in the cold and will hold it until she is ready to handle the cold weather. She just turns right back around and heads back in the house.

• She loves car rides in her booster seat.

• Fully vetted and spayed

• Hearing impaired, not determined if deaf, but from my assessment she is.

• She hates being in any type of space where she is confined.(gated off kitchen for example when she is not eating.) She will cry relentlessly.

• Can be left alone. Adjusts once you leave house.

• Can live with or without other dogs. Best to be with submissive dogs.

• Great appetite. Needs to be cordoned off at meal time, but likes being in same room with you and the other dogs. A simple gate or I use part of an octagon flex pen. She eats with everyone, but the gate gives her the assurance no one will steal her food. She doesn’t want anyone near her food.

• Treats are tricky she prefers to bury them than eat them, so I skip those because it will trigger my other dogs to want it and annoy her to get it.


Lucky just needs a loving home to enjoy the rest of her life in. Located in Colonia, NJ currently.  Please apply if you want to be her furever home!